January SPACE Horror Jam 2018

January SPACE Horror Jam 2018 Entry

This Blog post will focus on my entry at January Space Horror Jam 2018. Current and eventually final version of the game will be Iframed bellow.


 Starting out and setting my goals (Preamble)

Rules for this game jam were pretty loose. Rules even gave you a chance to start working on assets etc. before hand. I also started creating my art for the game even before the Jam actually started, more on that in a little bit.

Goals I set for my self for this Jam were the following:

  • Finish the project! (as always)
  • Actually post your entry correctly (messed this up on last Jam)
  • Focus on atmosphere! (Scifi, “alienisshh”)
  • Use a 5 color palette (with a green and gray tint to give that H.R. Giger feel)

Some preliminary artwork

So on this project I went with 5 color palette. Here is some artwork I did even before I started working the actual game, code and such…

Marine design phases

Marine Idle

Enemy design

Breeding tank


Game concept

To be continued!

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