Online multiplayer shooter

Online multiplayer shooter platformer

I began working on this project on January 2016. Thus far it has taken hundreds of hour of development time. This project is also one of my purchasable templates. It`s being sold in Scirra Store. Right below you can see a short game play video.


If you like to test my game, you can do so in here. I`ll have the most recent instalment Iframed right here.

If there are no other players present you can duplicate browser window and test it against yourself.

Major feature update at November 2016. I added character selection feature. This was a feature requested by one of my customers. I had 10 hours of excess time and this was something I had toyed around before so I thought what the heck, lets build it. You can see a screenshot of the selector just below and also you can go and test it in Iframe above.

Character selection




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