The YearBook part 3

The yearbook, part 3

In part 2 we left of in spring 2015 and my mobile game experiments.


Rest of 2015 to spring of 2016 (getting in deep, too deep)

After “Croak for it” I felt like I wanted to try developing online multiplayer game. Once again I disregarded all the warnings of various Blogs and sites about how difficult and time consuming multiplayer developing is. I had no understanding what so ever on how multiplayer games work or are developed or hosted or anything of this nature.

So I set my sights on creating a real-time online multiplayer platformer shooter. When I started to have some idea of the basic concepts of multiplayer developing I decided to stick with Peer to Peer multiplayer which made thing bit simpler leaving out all the server side programming.  After a ton of work and probably thousands of lessons learned through failure I managed to build a decent prototype. You can test it out, here.

Login screen

My multiplayer experiment was kind of taxing and left me little bit worn for the whole game development thing. Also summer was coming and I had a ton of other things to do so I left game development for a backburner for a couple of months. Whole multiplayer ordeal took a lot of my time from other projects and you could argue that it wasn`t worth it. In hindsight I do think it was worth it because of all the things I learned in the process. Because all the complexity I learned a lot about event and project organization as well as several advanced features of Constuct 2.


Fall of 2016

After summer had gone by I started feel the urge of developing something again. I also started having these thoughts about creating my own Blog. The main reason was that I wanted to start creating tutorial series and project examples for other enthusiasts. I also felt like I was in the point where I needed to start creating some community and visibility if I would actually like to develop a successful game.

So once again I was at the beginning of something new. Once again I had no idea how to create a Blog or website or any of that. So I started doing research and I did not want to just go and create a blog in Blogger or anything like that. I wanted to learn how to do my own website and host it in hosting service. So that’s what I did. I went and purchased hosting from Hostgator (which is awesome BTW.) and started learning WordPress. It took me around a month to get from not knowing anything to having a decent website with all the necessary functionalities. I will probably write a blog post or tutorial on getting started with website development at some point.

In this month or so time developing my website, I also kind of changed my scope from just developing games to having a small business. Whether I can get any success out of this or not, remains to be seen. At the very least I am sure that I will have once again learned a ton in the process.

After releasing I started working on another website. I had gathered a pretty decent library of game assets in last 5 years so I though I would great a database for those. Hence the was born. Site was first published at 21. november 2016. Open game graphics is my main project at least for next couple of months and ill be writing about it in here.

Open Game Graphics

Thank you for reading, be sure to check out my other blog posts and to visit in


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